Prof. Dr. P. G. Klandermans

Prof. Dr. P. G. Klandermans

Bert Klandermans (Principal Investigator and recipient of the ERC-Advanced Grant) holds a chair on Applied Social Psychology in the Dept. of Sociology at the VU-University. He is a world-leading scholar on participation in collective action and social movements. He conducted several large comparative studies on movement participation (inter alia into farmer’s protests in the Netherland and Spain, political participation in the first seven years of transitions to democracy in South Africa, among extreme right activists in five European countries, and among participants in street demonstrations in ten different countries). He published extensively in leading academic journals and wrote and edited several influential books in the field. He is the recipient of a Royal Decoration for his efforts to bring society and science together and he received life time achievement awards for his contributions to political psychology and the study of social movements.

VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Principal Investigator